APRIL 3, 2022 – EBC Sunday Sermon, “The Bible – Translation Fallacies”

APRIL 3, 2022 – EBC Sunday Sermon, “The Bible – Translation Fallacies”

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“Translation Fallacies” Bible Translations

American Dictionary of the English Language:


TRANSLA’TIONnoun [Latin translatio.]

That which is produced by turning into another language; a version. We have a good translation of the Scriptures.


PAR’APHRASEnoun s as z. [Gr. beyond, and phrase.] An explanation of some text or passage in a book, in a more clear and ample manner than is expressed in the words of the author. Such as the paraphrase of the New Testament by Erasmus.

In paraphrase or translation with latitude, the author’s words are not so strictly followed as his sense.

PAR’APHRASEverb transitive To explain, interpret or translate with latitude; to unfold the sense of an author with more clearness and particularity than it is expressed in his own words.

PAR’APHRASEverb intransitive To interpret or explain amply; to make a paraphrase.

“Where translation is impracticable, they may paraphrase.”

How to Choose a Bible Translation.”

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