What to Expect on Sunday?

What to Expect on Sunday?

Authentic worship that focuses on Jesus Christ is based on the Truth of the Bible which includes a variety of styles and forms.

Our worship services include a blend of old and new music, public prayer, joyful giving and bold expository verse-by-verse preaching and teaching from God’s Word. 

People coming from all walks of life worship with us including single persons and both small to large families too. 

We would be blessed if you’d decide to call EastPointe Bible Church (EBC) your Church home. 
Printable Document File of Instructions for CHILD Check-in


9:05 am Sunday, EBC Nursery room


9:15 am CHILDRENS Sunday Schools – Visit EBC Lobby, “Connect Center,” for room assignments.

CHILDREN: Ages 3 – 8th Grade. Teaching age appropriate Bible stories with application to everyday living.

9:15 am Jr. High & Sr. High + ADULT Sunday Schools – Visit EBC Lobby, “Connect Center,” for room assignments.

For Junior & Senior high school students and adults, we offer a variety of classes including:

  1. Jr. High & Sr. High Bible topics plus studies in various books of the Bible.
  2. Adult Bible study exposition on Bible topics and / or Bible books.
  3. Essentials” class gives scriptural foundations and fundamentals of faith based upon Bible definitions and context. (This is a seasonal offering.)
  4. Membership class also gives biblical foundations, fundamentals of faith, and making a commitment to a like group of Christ followers based upon Bible content. (This is a seasonal offering.)
  5. Women’s book and “verse-by-verse” Bible book study. (This is a seasonal offering.)


10:20 am Children’s Church during Worship. EBC Room 132

10:30 am EBC Auditorium + by VIMEO streaming broadcast.

Modern musical worship followed by expository Biblical teaching

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