EBC Sunday Schools

EBC Sunday Schools

Join EastPointe Bible Church SUNDAY at 9:15 a.m.

9:15 a.m. CHILDRENS Sunday School – EBC rooms vary ~ Check EBC Connect Center

We gladly offer Sunday School for all ages. Beginning in Nursery and continuing through Elementary we use curriculum from “Truth78.” 
Our young students in junior and senior high school enjoy a variety of topics that are relevant to them and are drawn directly from the text of scripture. 

Mobile app, F1G, Childrens’ check-in available within 20 miles of EastPointe Bible Church (EBC).

ADULT Sunday Schools – EBC Room 109 & Room 134

ADULT Sunday School Classes
EASTPOINTE BIBLE CHURCH invites you to be a part of the Adult School classes on Sunday,’s at 9:15 a.m. in Rooms 109 and Room 134.
Join EastPointe Bible Church Adult Sunday School class at 9:15 a.m. Room 134

An incisive look at how God’s people applied the Bible to various life circumstances and how we can learn from them to apply in today’s church / life.

EBC Essentials Class (seasonal offering)

Essentials Class Foundations of Faith (Seasonal offering.)
This will be an in-depth study of verses and their application to your life and spiritual growth Consider joining Pastor Jim Butler in the Essentials Class, Check EBC Connect Center for timing / availability.

New Members Class – ” ALL Welcome!(Seasonal offering.)
Whether you are considering a commitment to EastPointe Bible Church (EBC) membership or if you’d just like a brief overview of the Essential doctrines of the faith in eight (8) sessions, come and learn what we believe. EBC Connect Center for timing / availability.

EBC Ladies Sunday School class. (Seasonal offering)

The EBC Ladies Sunday School class. We use the Bible & Christian author’s books as a topical guide. But the book or reading is not required. Come learn with us from the women in the Bible. How we can go from being “Control Girls to Jesus’ Girls.”