ADULT Sunday School 9/04/2022 – Life & Times of Moses, “In the Wilderness” – Rick Bickel

ADULT Sunday School 9/04/2022 – Life & Times of Moses, “In the Wilderness” – Rick Bickel

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9.04.2022 – ADULT Sunday School – Life & Times of Moses, “I Wanna Go Home!, Complaining is contagious (and is sin)” Numbers 11:1-35, Rick Bickel

Review / Skip-over: (8/28/2022) In Book of Numbers Chapter 5 & 6, we saw that God declared civil order for and blessing over His covenant people.

NUMBERS Chapter 5:

  • Verses 1-4: Dealing with physical impurities (Lev 13:12-13).
  • Verses 5-10: Restitution for wrongs to another…which is sin against God (Lev. 6:1-10.

NUMBERS Chapter 6:

  • Verses 1-21: The vow of the Nazirite. A person who believes he should spend a designated period of time in special devotion to God took this type vow. They would abstain from some things, not cut their hair, and separate themselves to the Lord. It is believed that Samuel, Samson, and perhaps John-the-Baptist were life-long Nazirites.
  • Verses 22-23 (see “Aaronic Blessing”)

Composition in the Hebrew of this Aaronic Blessing:

  • Verse#: #words #syllables #consonants
  • Verse 24: 3 12 15
  • Verse 25: 5 14 20
  • Verse 26: 7 16 25

There are 15 words total in the Hebrew…Take away the 3x times the word “Lord” appears and there are 12 words remaining. 12 Hebrew words for the 12 tribes of Israel. An artistically done poem…a God ordained word…

8/28/2022 LESSON, notes on book of NUMBERS Chapter 10:

  1. Moses will draw attention to three (3) things:
  2. He recruits a Midianite to serve as a “sort-of” guide.
  3. The object of Israels’ faith is obvious.

Notes on the book of NUMBERS:

  • The Book of Numbers is the 4th book of the Old Testament (OT).
  • Book of Numbers is also the 4th book in OT chronological order.
  • Book of Numbers contains 36 chapters, 1,288 verses.
  • Book of Numbers tells of the events that happened on Israel’s journey between the Exodus and the entry into the Promised Land.
  • The Book of Numbers is all about God’s people “in the wilderness“:
  • How they get there;
  • How God deals with them in the wilderness; and
  • How He brings them out of the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.