ADULT Sunday School 11/13/2022 – Life & Times of Moses, “In the Wilderness” – Rick Bickel

ADULT Sunday School 11/13/2022 – Life & Times of Moses, “In the Wilderness” – Rick Bickel

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11.13.2022 – ADULT Sunday School – Life & Times of Moses, “The Dark Chapter, Keep on keeping on” Numbers 20:1-29, Rick Bickel

Numbers 20 – Wandering in the Wilderness

“1 Then came the children of Israel, even the whole congregation, into the desert of Zin in the first month: and the people abode in Kadesh; and Miriam died there, and was buried there.” Numbers 2:1 NASB1995

REVIEW (11/06/2022) LESSON: Numbers 19:1-22; Death is Coming, Purification”

  1. Verses 1-10: The PROVISION for purification.
  2. Verses 11-13: LAWS of purification.
  3. Verses 14-16: Specifics of defilement.
  4. Verses 17-19: How to be CLEANSED.
  5. Verses 20-22: The nature of uncleanness.

LESSON 11-13-2022: Numbers 20:1-29; “The Dark Chapter”

  1. Verses 1: MIRIAM’s death.
  2. Verses 2-13: We arrive at two (2) CONTENTIONS*.
  3. Verses 14-21: Brother refuses BROTHER.
  4. Verses 22-29: Aaron is taken to his PEOPLE.

*The TWO Contentions:

  • 1. Contention #1:
  • 1a. The children of Israel contented with the LORD.
  • 2. Contention #2:
  • 2a. He (Moses) Contention #1 did what God said.
  • 2b. Moses allowed his attention to shift to the behavior of others rather than focusing on the activity of God.
  • 2c. Then and now: No one is righteous enough to enter the Promise Land.
  • 2d. Oddly enough, in the face of this contentious people, God gives them the water!

Notes on the book of NUMBERS:

  • The Book of Numbers is the 4th book of the Old Testament (OT).
  • Book of Numbers is also the 4th book in OT chronological order.
  • Book of Numbers contains 36 chapters, 1,288 verses.
  • Book of Numbers tells of the events that happened on Israel’s journey between the Exodus and the entry into the Promised Land.
  • The Book of Numbers is all about God’s people “in the wilderness“:
  • How they get there;
  • How God deals with them in the wilderness; and
  • How He brings them out of the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.