ADULT Sunday School 1/15/2023 – Life & Times of Moses, “In the Wilderness” – Rick Bickel

ADULT Sunday School 1/15/2023 – Life & Times of Moses, “In the Wilderness” – Rick Bickel

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1.15.2023 – ADULT Sunday School – Life & Times of Moses, “The Inheritance – Submission/ Trust/ Obedience”, Numbers 27 & 36, Rick Bickel

REVIEWThe 3-question quiz last week revealed that our biggest threat might be accepting the wrong path over a period of time. It might just be that the water’s temperature is being turned up

  • Christians are often tripped up by things that are a threat, but they do not see them as a threat.
  • We sometimes accept in our midst as Christians thins that open the door to immorality and idolatry.
  • Some things cannot be cleansed and must be done away with.


The 3 big themes in Numbers are: Journey, Warfare, and Inheritance. Today as we bring our study to a close, we will focus on the last theme, INHERITANCE.

LESSON : 1-15-2023 – Numbers 27 & 36”The Inheritance, Submission/ Trust/ Obedience

  • 1. Verses 1-8: The census was taken after the plague which cost 24,000 soldiers. Because of their sin, they will be a few men short.
  • 2. Verses 9-10: Dathan, Abiram, Koran contended with the Lord and were judged.
  • 3. Verses 61: Nadab and Abihu made an inappropriate offering to God and He took them out.
  • 4. Verses 64: 599,998 men had died in the wilderness. All the heads of the tribes counted at the beginning are dead.
  • 5. Verses 11: The children of Korah did not die. They went on to write Psalms 42, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 84, 85, 87, and 88.
  • 6. Verses 65: Caleb and Joshua may go into the Promised Land, Cannan.

Notes on the book of NUMBERS:

  • The Book of Numbers is the 4th book of the Old Testament (OT).
  • Book of Numbers is also the 4th book in OT chronological order.
  • Book of Numbers contains 36 chapters, 1,288 verses.
  • Book of Numbers tells of the events that happened on Israel’s journey between the Exodus and the entry into the Promised Land.
  • The Book of Numbers is all about God’s people “in the wilderness“:
  • How they get there;
  • How God deals with them in the wilderness; and
  • How He brings them out of the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.