2024 Lake Ann Camp – July 22-29, 2024 Registration & Transportation

2024 Lake Ann Camp – July 22-29, 2024 Registration & Transportation

Register -> lakeanncamp.com for 2024! by MARCH 15, 2024

Lake Ann Summer Camp Families:
Register “Now!“” for Week 7 (July 22-27, 2024) and take advantage of these perks for 2024: 1.) Avoid waiting lists. Camp is getting full faster and earlier each year; 2.) Secure your preferred spot for your camper(s) for Summer 2024; 3.) Save $$.

Cancel for any reason at any time*ALL deposits and payments are 100% refundable, until one-week *prior to your camper’s week of camp. Simply call or email the Lake Ann office. Register at -> https://lakeanncamp.com/summer-camp/dates-prices/

2024 Lake Ann Camp – July 22-27, 2024
EastPointe values the importance of summer camp at Lake Ann Camp (LA). We are confident that campers at LA are taught the Word of God accurately, are cared for excellently, have an opportunity to build lifelong relationships, and are stretched outside their “comfort-zone”. This requires them to depend on and trust God in new and exciting ways. Campers also get the opportunity to see the church as a much bigger entity than their local church, which is a great reminder that as Christians our circle is bigger than the people we know in our local church. See Jennifer Vigar for more information.

Lake Ann Camp > 18400 Maple St., P.O. Box 109, Lake Ann, MI 49650 / Text: 231.714.4518