“The Minor Prophets, HABAKKUK” – Adult Sunday School – Matthew Carnagua, > Room 134 <

“The Minor Prophets, HABAKKUK” – Adult Sunday School – Matthew Carnagua, > Room 134 <

Book of NAHUM, 9:15 a.m. EBC Room 109

Majoring on the Minor Prophets

Join us at EBC for a new Sunday School Bible series to study through the 12-books at the end of the Old Testament known as “the Minor Prophets”.  You will be pleased by how much easier these often-overlooked books of the Bible are to understand with a little context, plus you will be convicted by how relevant and timely their messages still are to believers today.

The Minor Prophets is a collection of twelve (12) Old Testament books, known simply as “the Twelve” or “the Book of the Twelve” in the Hebrew Bible. The title “minor” refers to length, not significance. Roughly in chronological order, each of these short books gives a glimpse into the spiritual landscape and history of Israel, challenging the status quo through prophets called to speak on God’s behalf.

Majoring on the Minor Prophets, Book of HABAKKUK

The Book of HABAKKUK is the eighth of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible. Habakkuk is the only prophet to devote his entire work to the question of the justice of God’s government of the world. In the Bible as a whole, only Job delivers a more pointed challenge to divine rule. Habakkuk’s challenge is set up as a dialogue between the prophet and God, in which Habakkuk’s opening complaint about injustices in Judean society (1:2–4) is followed in 1:5–11 by God’s promise that the perpetrators will be punished by invading Chaldeans, i.e., Babylonians. Habakkuk’s second complaint about the violence of the Chaldeans themselves (1:12–2:1) is followed by a second divine response assuring the prophet of the reliability of God’s rule and calling for human faithfulness (2:2–4).